Expecting A Baby

What can I expect when I first find out that I am pregnant?

You can now self refer yourself to the midwife without seeing a doctor.

The number to call is 01274 461310 (wrose midwives)

When you first tell the doctor that you are pregnant, he or she will be able to discuss any initial queries or concerns that you may have

You will also be offered advice on the following:

  • Diet
  • Smoking
  • Breastfeeding
  • What to expect e.g. what blood tests will be taken at your first ante-natal appointment

The doctor will arrange for the midwife to contact you to book your first appointment.

Your Midwife’s name is Julie Scaife. Her contact number is 01274 783137

What happens at my first ante-natal appointment? Then what?

Your midwife will make full notes about your medical history. She will also provide you with information about health issues, parent education, and is happy to discuss such matters as the pros and cons of a hospital delivery and those of a home delivery. She will also take some blood tests

Your midwife will also explain fully regarding the interval between ante-natal appointments and about when you may need to go to the hospital for appointments

Your 1st routine scan appointment will usually be around 10-12 weeks. Following this you will receive a 2nd appointment, for a more detailed scan around 20-21 weeks. If you are unable to attend any appointments please contact the midwife as soon as possible

What happens after I’ve had my baby?

When you are discharged, the hospital will advise your midwife, and will also provide you with a letter to give to your doctor. Please give this letter to your doctor as soon as possible

Your midwife will visit you the day after you are discharged, and will arrange a second visit shortly afterwards

Moorside’s health visitor will also be in touch shortly after you are discharged. You will be able to discuss immunisations, feeding and your baby’s health in full. You may have anxieties, especially if this is your first baby, and your health visitor will be happy to talk things over with you

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